TNM - Drummer - Music, Photos and Videos

It's always the right time to start.

Hi, these are some of the bands TNM - Drummer plays or played the drums.

Bloody Mary 1992 - 1995

We created more than 14 own song with passion for the music.

Here is a playlist with 14 songs made purely by "Bloody Mary": link 


3TC the A/E Band  - from 2017 - 20 

TThe band was created through the music request for our mutual friend Jan's birthday in 2017.
Since everything fit together musically and personally, there was no other chance then just to format this awesome band. The passion and fun for music is what unites us :-) 3 T C that's Tatjana, Thomas, Thomas and Christian and they do acoustic and e-music. The

Here is the bands website on Facebook and here is a playlist cover songs played live.